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Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Async Plugins and Free CDN to increase loading speed

Google and visitors love fast loading websites and blogs. Thus a blog’s loading speed determines two factors. It determines a blog’s search result standings. It also improves the user friendliness of a blog/site. What type of site would you love to surf? Of course, a fast loading one! I must add that many people just don’t care for a blog to load when it takes more than 10 seconds to even open up. They simply go for another blog or site! Here, I will bring to your attention some tools to increase loading speed of WordPress blog.

The tools and plugins that I’ll discuss are completely free. They work together in complete harmony and will definitely make your blog load fast. Choose a combination of tools I describe here and use them on your blog. If applied correctly, you’ll definitely see a decrease in the number of http requests and page loading speed.

List of free tools and methods to increase blog loading speed

#1 Try to select Asynchronous plugins
The problem with most of the plugins is that they aren’t asynchronous. This means that they don’t allow other components of your blog to load until they manage to load themselves first! This is bad for your blog’s loading speed and time.
Have you wondered why many blogs take ages to load completely? Most of the times, it is due to the presence of plugins that load asynchronously. These plugins won’t allow the page to load up fast.
The easiest solution to this problem is choosing plugins that load asynchronously. For example I’ve chosen a social sharing plugin that loads asynchronously. This will ensure that my blog page loads fast. You may also contact the developers of your favorite plugins and ask them for a php code that’ll make the plugin load asynchronously.

#2 Free CDN for blog+ some hacks and techniques
A major factor responsible for slow loading blogs is- huge number of http requests. Http requests strain the server resources, resulting in huge loading time! Actually, when a visitor tries to access your blog, his browser sends http requests to your server to collect and assemble the various components of your blog. For different components of your blog like header, widgets, images etc, different requests are made.
So, the larger the number of requests, the greater will be the strain on servers and longer will be the loading time. This is where a reputed CDN comes to our rescue.
What is a CDN? CDN stands for Content Deliver Network. I will describe about it to you in simple language. Basically, when you use a CDN service, they will use their own servers (which are superfast) to serve the content. This reduces the strain on your host providers’ servers. Further, most of the CDN services have servers spread throughout the globe (unlike the host provider’s servers). This helps them to serve the content to a visitor from the nearest available server. This reduces the number of http requests made. A good CDN service will drastically reduce the number of requests!
CDNs are of two types- free and paid. You don’t have to spend money to make your blog load fast. There are loads of free CDN services that offers quality service. I usually recommend CloudFlare’s free CDN.

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