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Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Alexa Rank: Lower it by Exploiting its Soft Spots

Bloggers are almost always concerned about the Alexa rank of their blogs. And they can’t be blamed for this concern. Alexa rank is a crucial factor representing the popularity and traffic rank of a blog. It is being said that many advertisers throw a glance at the alexa rank of a blog, before they proceed with advertising on it. Not only direct advertising, even sponsored posts and event-based special programs also have their fate somewhat dependent on the above mentioned rank. Like always, I’ll be helping you out with it. I’ll be providing you with some sure shot tips to help lower alexa rank of your blog. All for free guys! I repeat- for free (like always! You know, I’m like that ‘Good guy Greg’).

Alexa Rank: Lower it by Exploiting its Soft Spots
Rank Matter

Before we head straight towards the tips, let us know Alexa a bit closer. Let’s understand how it works. Because once we know the way it works, the easier it will be for us to ‘exploit’ its algorithm and lower your blog’s rank in less time.

What is Alexa rank?

The ranking has been created and is maintained by a company called Alexa Internet. As of now, it is a part of The company deals with internet statistics and web traffic information.

They provide these information for free. But the free information is like the tip of an iceberg! The main part remains hidden. That part would be revealed only if you avail their paid service called ‘Certified statistics’.

See, there are no free meals! You must be willing to shell out bucks to get the ‘juicy’ facts related to your blog/site.

Alexa is happy to share information like global and regional rank, bounce rate, audience demography, backlink stats, page views, time spent on site etc for free! Well, so much info being provided for free!

How do they rank blogs and sites?

Yes, this is the main part. Once you understand its working, lowering the rank of your blog will get much easier! You see, Alexa depends on web surfers to determine the ranking of a site/blog.

For this, they make use of Alexa toolbar. These toolbars are available in the form of extensions of popular browsers like Internet Explorer (surprisingly, still some folks use it!), FireFox, Chrome etc.

These toolbars track the browsing habit of the user and ranks blogs/sites accordingly. It even gives users the freedom to rate a site/blog.

This is their primary mode of deciding the site rankings. They also claim that they’ve modified the ranking algorithm and made it more trustworthy. You see, just relying on the toolbar is not a smart decision. Because, toolbar rankings leave enough room for manipulating tactics to work!

Having said that, let me tell you that toolbar still have the final say, when it comes to deciding ranking! Yes, we can exploit the situation folks! Get ready to lower your blog’s ranking in very short time using it!

#1 Exploiting Alexa’s weakness to lower your blog’s ranking

Toolbar plays a key role in deciding the rankings. The more the number of users with Alexa toolbar visiting your blog, the better it is for lowering your blog’s rank!

I’m ready to back my claim with some solid proof. I also own a multi niche blog called It is older than As of now, it gets about more than 1000 unique visitors a day. But its global alexa rank is 429k!

In contrast, I’ve been actively maintaining for 1 and a half month. As of the date of publishing this post, the blog gets 150-200 unique visitors a day. But, surprisingly, it rank is 145k!

The old blog has more than 9 times the traffic of the new blog. Still, its ranking is behind that of the new one. This shows the over reliance of alexa on its toolbar tracking system!

Let me tell you what is responsible for the stark contrast in rankings and traffic. The reader base of apnaahangout is less tech-savvy. They comprise of students, majority of who don’t have the toolbar installed on their browsers.

At the same time,’s reader base is altogether different. A major chunk of the traffic consists of webmasters and bloggers. They almost always have the alexa toolbar installed on their browsers!

Because of this, despite the low traffic, the new blog ranks lower! And despite much higher traffic, the old blog ranks behind the new one!

This is the difference that the toolbar can create. And this is the vulnerability that we’re going to exploit!

Ask your friends and relatives to install the said toolbar on their browser and visit your blog. Better yet, if you have some influence over your reader base, put forward this request in front of them.

I mean, this small step can lower you rankings like never before! And that too in very short period of time! Make sure that you exploit the situation.

#2 Aggressive promotion on Social Networking sites

This step is particularly beneficial for new blogs. Because new blogs won’t be getting organic traffic all of a sudden! It will take some time before it starts getting visitors.

In the mean time, to ensure a free falling Alexa rank, bloggers may aggressively promote their blog and its posts on social networking sites.

It’s not necessary that each visitor from social sites would have the toolbar installed on their browser. But still, it is better than getting no visitors at all!

#3 Frequency of publishing new posts

I’ve not experimented with this claim. But some reputed blogger friends of mine claim that this strategy works like a charm! They showed me how increasing the frequency of publishing new, quality posts enabled their blogs’ alexa rank to go on a free fall!

I’m not sure if alexa’s algorithm loves the number of new posts or not. Maybe the new posts attract more visitors, which in turn lower the rank! Either way, if you are comfortable with this method, it is worth giving it a try. I guess aggressive social media promotion coupled with this strategy will bring in good results!

#4 Verify and Claim your blog early

If you’ve been to to check a site’s rank and stats, you might have come across these words- ‘this site is claimed’. If you own a blog, you too may claim it and verify its ownership!


The process of claiming a blog is very easy. You just need to register on the sitefill in some basic details related to your blog and place a piece of code in your blog’s index file! After placing the code, you may successfully verify the ownership of the blog and claim it.

Claiming a blog has an advantage. It lets alexa know of the existence of your blog. It’ll ensure that their bots will crawl your blog as early as possible and start ranking it.

Once the bots crawl through it, you may expect them to continue this process periodically. The earlier you claim your blog, the earlier it’ll get ranked. This way, you may lower your ranking quickly, within short span of having started a new blog!

#5 Take good care of Alexa bots

Alexa, like Google depends on bots to crawl your blog and update its stats periodically. Make sure that you take good care of them. Make sure that the bots regularly crawl your blog using analytics programs like awstats.

Ensure that the server hosting your blog is in no way blocking them from crawling your blog. Sometimes, the host providers may play spoil sport by blocking them altogether. So, keeping a watch on the status of the bots is recommended.

Further, these bots can also be exploited! Yes, that’s by building backlinks! By building backlinks to your blog, the chances of these bots to come to crawl your blog increases! Devote some time towards building backlinks too!

Wrapping it up

That’s it folks. I’ve described couple of soft spots of alexa, which you may exploit to lower your blog’s rank. Claiming your blog early and applying #1 method will show instant results! I guarantee you that. I agree that my blog’s rank hasn’t yet crossed the 100k barrier. But my present rank has been achieved in a month’s time, without much effort! With some planning and hard work, you may cross that barrier easily! If you enjoyed this article, do share it.

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