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Friday, 5 April 2019

Sell Homemade Crafts Online

Sell Homemade Crafts Online

For many of us, finding a way to translate our skills and hobbies in life into a suitable career can be quite a challenge. We would all rather make money doing something that we genuinely love rather than just getting involved in a boring, dull career. The problem is that outside of setting up the business yourself, there are very few ways to turn artistic crafts and skills into a genuine money making career.

Thankfully, since the internet became such a key part of society, the chances for people to completely diversify how they make money has never been better. For a start, most people can now run their own business and sell their products online, taking away all the usual business problems that people have like finding a place to sell from and storing your stock.

With the web, you don’t need to do any of this – everything can be made as-needed, and sent directly to your client from your own home. If you ar someone with an eye for being crafty and creating quality crafts and jewelry, you can use the web to really boost your income.


A great place to get started for anyone looking to make money by selling crafts online is Etsy – it’s a website for creative sorts, who can sell their own goods and products to a diverse and exciting marketplace. With more than 12.3 million products on the market, and close to 900,000 sellers, you are entering a competitive but extremely open marketplace. The first thing that you want to deal with is setting up an Etsy account, because it’s simple and – most importantly – free! Aside from the 20 cents per item listing, and a 3.5% commission to Etsy on ever sale, you can get access to a huge chunk of the crafts market online.

It lets you design a simple profile to sell from that’s easy to manage and takes away all of the difficulty of dealing with payments and processes.

WordPress Website

Having a website can be incredibly powerful for your business prospects, but the idea of creating one from scratch sounds quite difficult. However, with the help of WordPress and websites like ThemeForest, you can create a plug-and-play website that requires some basic input and editing through the WordPress dashboard. This gives you a fine design that suits your own style, all the tools and features that you need as well as a dedicated platform that you can sell from for years to come – all managed through a dashboard system that feels as easy to use as Microsoft Word!


Similar to Etsy, this German based market is slightly smaller than Etsy and operates in Euros, so if you are based in Europe this might be the best idea for you. You’ll pay a 5% commission with DaWana, so it’s a bit more than Etsy but you pay not listing price – it’s something that you might want to consider. A great website that is growing all the time, it’s got around 130,000 sellers at present so there’s a gap in a growing market here.


Another popular marketplace, this gives you the chance to sell your own fashion and crafts items for free though a brilliant store. Giving you total access to make a free e-commerce website, you can make easy sales through a vibrant and growing marketplace. There’s plenty of value to being a part of each of the marketplaces mentioned above, but the complete freedom provided to you with JewelryWonder – matched with a growing customer base – makes it an incredibly popular choice for anyone looking to sell crafts online.

There are many other options out there but if you want to get yourself noticed and started today, then these four considerations might be just what you need to get the job done and make sure that you are in profit.

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