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Sunday, 14 April 2019

Know How Blog’s Page Speed Affects its SEO and SERP Rank

When it comes to blogging, the basic idea is to share content with visitors and readers. Bloggers are so busy decorating and setting up their blog that they forget about one crucial aspect- its loading speed! Good content is the backbone of a blog. And I’d say that good loading speed is the ‘flexibility’ of this backbone! Loading speed and its influence on SERP (Search Engine Results Page) is a much debated topic. Still, people have different things to say about this aspect. And I’m going to put forward some facts related to this very topic.

I network with fellow bloggers using facebook. You see, it is a very nice experience- gulping down a cup of coffee and chatting with an experienced blogger, whom you admire! I do it whenever I manage to grab some free time. And during such chat sessions, I brought this topic- ‘loading speed and its influence on SERP standings’ in front of the experienced bloggers many times.

After much debating, research and experimenting, I’ve arrived upon some conclusions regarding this aspect. And I’m going to share it with you guys here. Okay, I’m about to start revealing the findings-

Yes, page load speed is capable of influencing SERP standings of a blog

It is a well known fact in the blogosphere that Google takes help of more than 200 factors to rank sites in a typical SERP for a query. It has been revealed that ‘page speed’ is a factor among those 200 factors!
Know How Blog’s Page Speed Affects its SEO and SERP Rank

This revelation is enough to prove the importance of page loading speed. Now, let me tell you how exactly it works (influences SERP standings).

How exactly does it influence the SERP standings?

Don’t think that page speed is everything you need to rule SERPs! It is important, but, just a very fast loading blog won’t guarantee you first page presence in SERPs! If you believe so, you are getting it wrong, mate!

Among the more than 200 factors, Google gives more importance to factors like- authority of a domain, social media signals, backlink structure and nature, quality of the article etc.

Those blog posts, which score better than your blog’s scores in these aspects, will take the pole position in the results page. Even if your blog loads faster than theirs, you won’t rank ahead of them.
But, if your blog matches the score of another blog in the above aspects, Google of course will take page speed into consideration and promote the one that loads faster. This is how it works. In short, Google won’t sacrifice credibility and quality for the sake of speed! Many times, standings also depend on the competition of the keyword. Because in case of a high competition keyword, the biggies are expected to jump into the bandwagon. And they are armed with better on and off page optimization, particularly targeting the more juicy aspects like- PageRank, Influence, Credibility, Domain age, Quality etc. In such cases, good page speed won’t be enough for you to topple such ‘biggies’ from the front page of results page!

There is more to page speed than just SERP standings

According to me, good page speed is sure to boost one thing. Whether your blog posts rank high or not, good loading speed guarantees one thing- good user experience!

How it can help your blog thrive

Good user experience has many benefits. Users, when surfing a fast loading blog, tend to be willing to surf more of it. This ensures that the bounce rate remains low and the time spent by user on the blog increases! These two parameters are crucial, if you are targeting advertisers to help monetize your blog.
 Do you know, many blogs suffer the case of ‘one time visitor’. This mainly happens due to a slow loading blog. A visitor, upon knowing the snail like qualities of the blog, won’t access it again!

Know How Blog’s Page Speed Affects its SEO and SERP Rank

In case of a fast blog, the reverse of this happens. As long as you provide useful content, visitors will come back for more, without thinking twice.

An important aspect you should improve

The important aspect I’m talking about is the page speed across mobile devices. You see, the number of folks using mobile devices to access web is increasing exponentially each year. Even my 60 years old neighbor uses mobile web to read morning NEWS! Such is the popularity of mobile web!

Know How Blog’s Page Speed Affects its SEO and SERP Rank

Sadly, not all blogs are mobile web optimized! In fact, majority of them are poorly rendered on small screens of such devices.
Let me tell you one thing. Google is all set to improve the user experience of mobile web users. It has already updated the PageSpeed Insights to help webmasters ‘mobile-optimize’ their sites!

I believe that you should up your blog’s performance in this aspect. Because, it is the future, if you ask me. And making sure that your blog loads fast and well across these devices is an added advantage. Who knows if Google might add this mobile UE experience to its set of 200 factors? Just time will tell that!

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