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Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Get Natural Backlinks Built to Your Blog

When it comes to blogging, traffic is what bloggers crave for. And the most preferred type of traffic is- Organic traffic! To get organic traffic from Search Engines, a blog must address the basics of SEO. If we consider Google search engine, there are more than 200 factors that it depends on, to rank sites and blogs in its SERPs (Search Engine Results Page). Among those hordes of factors, backlinks are highly influential! Here, we’ll discuss how to get good old natural backlinks to your blog!

Get Natural Backlinks Built to Your Blog

First of all, let us know what exactly a backlink is. It is when another web entity (like a blog, site, forum etc) links back to a post/homepage of your blog/site/web entity.

There are different methods to build backlinks to your blog. There are those risky black hat techniques and the much preferred white hat methods!

Some of the most common modes of getting backlinks are- commenting, guest blogging, getting paid backlinks etc. But, the most valuable backlink is the one obtained naturally. This usually happens when someone likes your blog’s content and links back to it! Such links are created with you doing nothing at all! It is the other blogger, who links to your content!

Even from Search Engine’s point of view, backlinks should be ‘earned’ the natural way! But that being said, I must admit that it is not that easy to get backlinks the ‘natural way’ to one’s blog.

’Not easy’ doesn’t mean that the task is impossible. Well, my dictionary has the word ‘impossible’ in it. But I can assure you that getting natural backlinks is not impossible. You just need to hit the right spots to get the process started. And thankfully, I’ve tried to explain those very sweet spots you should hit and exploit.

How to build natural backlinks to your blog

Earlier, I described that earning a natural link is about ‘forcing’ others to link back to your blog’s content. Now you just can’t put a gun at other bloggers’ forehead and force them into linking back to your blog! Most probably, that’ll help you land yourself in a jail!

But you can design and structure your content in such a way that the content ‘forces’ others to link back to it! No jail going is involved in this case of ‘forcing’! Attractive prospect, isn’t it?

For your content to get the above mentioned task done, it must have some very necessary traits in it. I’ll run through the 5 main ones here.

Traits that the content on your blog must have

#1 Useful, Informative, Problem Solving content

If I find an awesome blog post on your blog that answers a question of mine, I will be likely to link back to that article in the future, for reference purposes of my readers. Similarly, if I need others to link back to my content, it should be informative, problem solving and hugely useful.

#2 Press release, NEWS Update etc

If your blog content delivers precise and latest update regarding the niche, then chances are than numerous other blogs will link back to it. Not everybody can deliver fresh NEWS and updates regarding a niche very quickly and precisely. And if you manage to do so, backlinks will flow in without any further effort!

#3 Content that shares new, path breaking information

The internet is so full of information that there are numerous sources sharing the same stuff! There are over thousands of blogs sharing the same blogging tips and tricks, for example!

Such content has less chances to earn backlinks. But if it is ‘fresh’, ‘new’ and ‘path breaking’ content that you are creating, then you may hope for backlinks to roll in!

Stale content won’t be linked back to, because there are already tons of similar content out there, making it difficult for your stuff to get noticed. But fresh content will attract backlinks!

#4 In case you don’t have any path breaking stuff to share, follow this strategy-

I agree that you just can’t start off with press releases and latest updates, one fine day. I also agree that you are not that research guy, who comes up with new discoveries and tips each day.

In such cases, the structure and the design of the article can come to your rescue. I told you earlier that the same stuff is being shown across number of blogs.

That is the exact reason why it won’t get any backlinks. But, the fortune of your article will change, if you manage to transform its looks!

Redesign and revamp your articles in such a way that it stands apart from the crowd. Structure the article well. Give priority to readability. Make the article as detailed as possible. Write it up keeping in mind that the reader is a noob (not disrespecting the readers here). I mean, provide even the minutest of details to the reader.

Your article should be like a ‘one stop shop’. It should cover the topic from head to toe. Minute details should be addressed. It should be the ‘master’ article that addresses that particular topic. This is how you can make your article stand a class apart from the crowd! And such articles won’t have much trouble getting links back to them!

Those were the traits your blog posts should have, so that they can ‘attract’ backlinks naturally. Along with those traits, the author, i.e you, should also possess some positive traits.

The traits that an author of a blog should possess are-

#1 Good reputation

This one is quite crucial. You should have good reputation in the blogosphere. Because reputation matters, for others to be willing to link back to your blog.

Let me ask you a question. Will you link back to a blog post by an author, who has a bad reputation in the blogosphere? One who has a bad reputation for using manipulative tactics and other malpractices? Most probably, the answer will be a no!

Similar is the way that others think. They won’t link back to your blog post, if your reputation is excessively tarnished.

In order to boost your reputation, you may resort to solving others’ problem, write quality blog posts consistently, gather some positive testimonials from fellow bloggers and should try to become popular and well known across the major social media sites. It is about building that positive aura!

#2 Become an authority blogger of that particular niche

People readily link back to content written by authority bloggers. But what makes a blogger an authoritative figure in that particular niche? Social media influence plays a role in deciding the authoritativeness. But, the main factor that comes into play here is ‘Knowledge’.

It is only after knowing your niche inside out that you can become an authority figure in that particular niche. Besides that, you must be willing to learn new things each day. Because blogging, be it on any niche, is evolving each day. It is like being a perpetual student! You constantly learn new things each day! In short, one must keep one’s mind prepared to accept new knowledge.

Those were the traits that an author, the blogger himself should have, to attract natural backlinks to his/her blog. A perfect combination of the blog content’s traits and the author’s traits will be the killer recipe to get those inbound links to start flowing in!

You just can’t afford to concentrate on only one aspect. You must give due importance to your (author’s) and your blog’s (content’s) quality.

Besides the above two factors, two other crucial factors also come into play, which helps in building backlinks naturally. Those two factors are SERP (Search Engine Results Page) visibility and SM (Social Media) visibility. Let me tackle those two factors here-

#1 SERP Visibility

Many times, when a blogger writes a blog post and wants to link back to a resourceful post on the same topic, he/she takes help of Search Engines. They simply Google the topic and choose the blog posts that rank higher on the SERP and link back to it, so that their readers can get more information.

This happens because they know very well that to rank high in the SERPs, the article must have got something in it. So, why not exploit this mindset? Try to rank your blog posts high in SERPs.

A relatively easy way to do this is by choosing a low competition Key Word and writing awesome articles related to them. This way, you’ll get some much needed SERP visibility.

#2 SM Visibility

In case your blog is new and you are having trouble in garnering SERP visibility, you should try your hand at SM visibility. Because, just like search engines, many folks are making use of Social Networking sites also. If they happen to see your blog posts getting shared, Tweeted and liked well on social networking sites, the odds of them getting impressed and linking back to that post increases!

Make it a point to share your blog posts on major social sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google +. Particularly target relevant entities like Facebook groups, Google + communities etc.

You may also make use of social sharing tool like JustRetweet to make the whole social sharing saga a productive one! If fellow blogger happen to see your kick-ass content, thanks to SM Visibility, then chances of getting natural backlinks increases!

Now that we’ve dealt with SERP and SM visibility, let’s know more about one more backlink attracting trick- Link baiting.

# Link Baiting

Link baiting is a much used way to get backlinks naturally. But one should be careful while using this method. Because, Google is well known to outlaw link building practices that are misused by webmasters.

Link baiting is all about creating embeddable content (best example is an infographic) and allowing others to use it on their own sites and blogs in exchange for an incoming link to your blog.

The sad fate of guest blogging resulted due to the fact that many webmasters, bloggers and companies had been misusing it. And link baiting too, it seems, is being abused by many.

But still, if you think that the embeddable content (infographic, video or slideshow) that you are using can add value to a blog, then you may go on with your campaign. No need to worry the consequences in that case. But, be careful that you don’t end up misusing it!

I haven’t mentioned guest blogging here, because, in that case, it is you, who is actually writing a post, with an aim of getting a backlink from another blog. Some treat is as a mode of creating natural backlinks, but I beg to differ!

With all those incoming links, the value of your blog is all set to rise, isn’t it? Well, wait! Incoming links can sometimes harm your blog. That happens when poor quality blogs and sites link back to your blog.

In your quest to get natural backlinks to your blog, some bad backlinks may also get accumulated. See, there is no filter indulged in this process. So, all sorts of sites and blogs have a chance to link back to your blog.

In case of number of a number of bad sites and blogs linking back, it may result in negative SEO. Some folks do negative SEO on purpose, to bring down their competitors’ blogs! I’ll introduce to you a handy tool that will help you get rid of such unwanted backlinks.

# Google Webmaster Tools’ Disavow Tool

The Disavow tool provided by GWT is awesome, because it helps us to get rid of the unwanted incoming links. This tool can be used to let Google know that you have nothing to do with that incoming link to your blog, coming from a bad site/blog. This will protect your blog from negative SEO attacks.


Being the most valued type of backlink, bloggers should work towards getting backlinks naturally, by earning them! And in the process, one should watch out for bad incoming links and stay away from them. Please do share this post!