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Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Best and Cheap Web Hosting for Indian bloggers

Blogging is becoming more and more popular among Indians. This fact is affirmed by the increasing number of professional bloggers from India. With the increase of Internet users in India, more and more people are getting to know about the ‘art’ of blogging. Nowadays, people are willing to start their own blog. With the availability of CMS like WordPress and Blogger, they can set-up a full-fledged blog related to their niche. Here, we will discuss about the best, economical hosting providers in India, for Indian users.
Best and Cheap Web Hosting for Indian bloggers

This list is short, but the content discussed here is of high quality. The hosting providers discussed here have been used by me. This article reflects my own experience. I expect smart people to learn from my experience and go for the best hosting plan that also costs less. The hosting providers that I’m about to discuss are cheaper than others. But being cheap doesn’t mean that they have inferior quality. They are cheap but offer quality service too. ‘Value for money’ is the word that suits them best.

Without wasting much time, lets head straight to the list. Go through the whole list and choose your hosting provider carefully.

List of good, economical web host providers for Indian bloggers

Hostgator is my first choice. Not only are they cheap, but they are excellent quality wise too! They offer services like Domain name registration, web hosting, domain transfer etc.

Domain name registration (.com) using Hostgator costs about 1000 Rupees. When it comes to hosting, they have plans like Baby plan, Hatchling, Business plan etc. For new bloggers, the hosting pack will cost about something above 4000 Rupees per year.

The service they offer is of good quality. The servers work well (I’ve experienced it myself). The uptime guarantee that they promise is kept by them. I’ve been using Hostgator hosting for one of my blogs for more than a year. So far, there has been just one instance of my blog being down. This record speaks for Hostgator’s quality service!

The customer care and assistance service is great. The customer care employees can be reached through phone, live chat or e-mail. They are well trained and are capable of solving almost all problems related to hosting and site maintenance.

According to my review, Hostgator hosting is the best when it comes to quality service and economical cost. Go for it if it satisfies your needs and fits in your pocket!


My second favorite web hosting service. Bigrock’s biggest advantage is that it is even cheaper than Hostgator. Bigrock offers services like domain name registration, webhosting, domain name transfer etc.

Registering a domain name (.com) using Bigrock is dirt cheap! After using a discount coupon, it will cost you something above 500 Rupees. So, when it comes to domain name registration, Bigrock is my first choice.

Hosting plans offered by Bigrock are varied. There are different plans like Hostgator. According to my estimate, as far as a new blogger is concerned, blogging cost for a year will be something above 2500 Rupees. Yes, it is cheaper than Hostgator.

Now, let us talk about the service quality. The quality of the hosting service is good. But there are constant complaints about the support staff/ customer service of Bigrock. I must agree that the customer care responds a bit slow. But they are improving each day! There is a telling difference between the customer care service now and a few months ago.

If you are interested in a cheaper (than Hostgator) hosting plan, Bigrock is definitely what you should select. Go through their list of plans and schemes. Don’t forget to use a discount coupon!

These are the two cheap hosting providers that I think you should select. They are suited for newbie bloggers who want to gain experience in blogging without spending much money. Selecting good hosting providers is very essential. The performance of blogs/sites and loading speed depends on the servers and host providers. So remember to choose wisely!

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