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Friday, 5 April 2019

Be a Writer or a Proofreader Online

The internet has turned out to be a lucrative avenue for millions of individual. Students, stay at home mums and employed individuals who are looking for a side hustle all turn to the internet. There are lots of gigs that you can land online and beef up your income. Though many people work online part time, there are lots who work online fulltime. Among the many tasks that can earn you a living online include writing, proofreading and editing.

Be a Writer or a Proofreader Online

You need to be a writer with good grammar and perfect sentence construction to make money in this niche. Some sites will require that you be a professional writer or editor or in related fields before applying while others require your writing skills irrespective of your educational background. Besides, you need a computer and good internet connection.
Getting started
There are three main avenues for you to start earning as a writer, proof-reader or editor as expounded below.
  1. Content Mills
Content Mills are open platforms where writers can publish their content or edit content already on the site. It is free to sign up on Content Mills and easy to start posting. You may either be paid per article or per the traffic your article brings. The article may also have affiliate link on content mills that act as revenue share sites.
The most popular content mills are Demand Studios and Associated Content. Associated content was acquired by Yahoo in 2010 and Demand Studios is now Demand Media. Though this sites do not pay much, the writers get great exposure and may land well-paying jobs from the millions of visitors on these sites.
  1. Job Bidding Sites
These are sites that outsource jobs from millions of clients and writers, editors and proof-readers bid for the jobs. The most popular sites in this category are Freelancer, Elance and oDesk. The rates from this sites will vary depending on the task. The rates here are low and to earn enough you have to work on lots of jobs.
  1. Get a Client
Getting a client is probably the best option. Though writing for content mills and job bidding sites remain the best starting point, writers, editors and proof-readers need to work their way to get a great client. There are lots of popular blogs and magazines that require content online. A good client will pay from $50 per article and some pay as much as $1000. One needs to stay alert on job adverts from popular sites.
Tips to up your writing, editing and proofreading skills
You need to read different forms of articles with varied writing formats. Read articles on correct punctuation and sentence construction. There are lots of free online journalism and literature courses you can sign up for. Watch TV programs, fill puzzles on magazines and newspapers to heighten your creativity and last but not least write more frequently.
There is a misconception that freelance is a field where you become rich overnight. You must play deaf to this. Like many fields, you have to start low and climb the ladder as time goes.
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