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Sunday, 14 April 2019

10 Very important things to check before buying Backlinks

In an ideal world, there would be no need for SEO optimization. You write content just like others and the best one gets the best SERPs. However things are not that simple. And with over billions of WebPages globally, competition gets more tough. Buying Back links (a major component in your SEO campaign) is a very effective way to get higher SERPs. It is also the easiest Offsite SEO techniques you could implement with a small budget.

10 Very important things to check before buying Backlinks

Things to check before Back Links Shopping
Just buying back links wont do. You also need to have quality back links which give you the maximum return on investment. Here is a checklist you can use before buying back links.

1. Decide on your Budget first

The picture looks very rosy and attractive at first, and its an easy tendency to get flown in the herd. But before you jump into it, most important thing to do it to set aside a budget for buying the links. And its very important to stick within the budget.

2. Look for quality and not quantity

Pagerank is a logarithmic algorithm. Meaning getting from one PR stage to another is exponentially difficult. So try to acquire the best PR back link you can within your budget.

3. Do your Math

You have your own preference and hence should chalk out before you go about buying links. Say you can get a quality PR6 back links for 100$ hypothetically, but your requirement makes you settle for 4 PR4 links for the same price.

4. Shop for Deep links / Avoid Site wide links

Site wide links are a strict no-no from SEO perspective. Its a boon from Advertisement point of view. Reason is pretty simple. Search Engine looks your link at every page of the site and try to give relevance to it. Its very difficult for a Search Engine crawler to find relevant pages between your website homepage and the linked site on every occasion. Rather go for Deep links when it comes to SEO.

5. Hunt sites which have limited slots available for Back Links

Its is better to pay a premium for getting a back link from a site which has limited slots open, compare to one where the seller is already displaying 100s of links. Importance gets distributed in a weighted fashion across all links.

3. Avoid buying from community forums

You might find sellers promising you hundreds or even thousands of back links for mere 5$ - 10$. Just one piece of advice for such deals. “Avoid at all costs. They cause more harm than good”.

5. Get Back Links to your Individual posts rather than Homepage

It is more relevant for you to link the back link to your favorite post rather than your site’s homepage. Always remember, Back linking works the opposite of Advertisements. Its the Search Engine you are trying to please. Its always better that the link back resides on a favorite post which would have more chance of having relevant keywords compare to the homepage which will have a mix of all things.

6. Add Alt tags in the deal

Find out what keywords you will target and then use them as Alt text in the deal. Thus the Search Engine Spiders would come to know what words are targeting to your site. Thus your page get more relevance for that specific keyword.

7. Keep a Landing Page ready for your Back Links beforehand

Make a detailed post with good amount of keywords (which should be same or in same niche as your alt tags) and keep it as a landing page for the Back Links.

8. Buy links only from your niche

How good is a Blogging Tips website link on a Medical Site. Makes no sense, right? So isn’t it obvious that the same rule applies for the Search Engine Crawlers? Avoid other sites except your niche.

9. Buy Back Links for longer period

It takes time for the Search Engine to update their database. Having a large number of back links will not popularize your site overnight. Give it some amount of time. Roughly 4 months is a fair estimate. The rest depends on your budget. But definitely avoid anything less than 2 months.

10. The following points are pretty straight forward

Avoid dropped / expired domains
Avoid Black listed sites
Avoid link farms / site which are build only to sell links
Avoid Footer Links
Finally use common sense before spending your dollar (currency). While the picture looks rosy, its not exactly. But you can make a good deal out of it by being judicious and remembering the above tips. If you have something to share, do let us know via comments.

Have a nice day ..!!


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