Use of “clever answering machines” in online business.

Availability: This is very important advantage. Effectively to use e-mail answering machines there is no necessity to have at home the computer connected to the Internet. Besides, from you it is not required any especially “advanced” skills in possession of the computer and the Internet. Everything that for this purpose is necessary for you is in advance to write letters and to “charge” your answering machine.

Use Of “clever Answering Machines” In Online Business.

Automation: Imagine a situation that where you were, that you did, the answering machine will work for you. You can hold training seminar or presentation, to sleep, have a rest on the sea, and at this time tens, and there can be hundreds people will to receive your messages where you consistently, step by step, tell to people about your business and (or) about products of your company. Is seductive? But it is already real and accessible to you! Use of this technology will allow you to avoid set of the routine and tiresome actions connected with search of potential partners in business and clients by means of the Internet.

Qualification: It is the western term which designates process of revealing of the people interested in your offer. Agree that it is very important to come into contact to already interested people than to tell about your possibilities to people with low degree of interest. The reason of disappointment of many surfers which try to do the business in the Internet consists just that they simply do not spend necessary efforts for automation business of processes. Danger of the Internet consists that it can easily enslave you having forced to carry out set of routine and tiresome affairs. But, if to use this tool with mind and to entrust routine to cars you can leave on absolutely new level of freedom and development of your business!

What is the real force of “clever answering machines”? In the first part of my article I told about the advantages received by you at their use. Now let’s look at figures which reflect percent of the response to your offer at use of a series of advertising letters. If your e-mail an answering machine “is charged” by six consecutive messages on the average from total number responded to your offer percentage distribution will be approximately following:

1 message – 44 %

2 message – 16 %

3 message – 14 %

4 message – 12 %

5 message – 8 %

6 message – 3 %

And it means that more than 50 % of responses are necessary on the subsequent to the first the letters! Represent, how many you lose potential partners in business and clients, without using this technology?!

There are no secrets to starting a business on the internet, the only secret is that the industry of online internet business niche is really tough – more and more people are trying to make money online.

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