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Monday, 4 February 2019

Optimization And Indexation Of Flash Sites.

I’d like to face the question of optimization and indexation of flash sites right now. From my point of view Flash is a very promising technology for building making sites. But on the other hand many guys keep on complaining that Flash sites have serious problems with indexation. Certainly it would be foolish to ignore such complaints. We need to investigate this case and find the truth.

Optimization And Indexation Of Flash Sites.

I should say that many websites contain a huge amount of information that can only be seen by the human eye while being invisible for search engines. What about PDF documents, sounds and all sorts of other multimedia files? Can this content be indexed by search engines? Yes and no. Why should you care about search engines? It’s known that people use search engines to search for specific sites. If your content is not optimized for search engines, it is almost impossible for people to find your site. And without the normal rate, all your work done for creating this object is worthless.

What can you do? First of all you shouldn’t build the site entirely in Flash.

Though Flash might be a favorite tool for many web designers, this technology has a serious shortcoming. Search engines read the text and ignore graphics. The problem lies not only in the fact that Flash content on the page will be ignored, but we should realize that the links in the flash animation will also be ignored and correspondently search engines will stop indexing the site at the first page to my great regret.

The challenge of building sites in Flash is not only an amateur mistake. Sometimes the use of Flash is the only one way to create a particular function. For example I can remind you of online games based on Flash technology.

If you want to know how people perceive your Flash site then you should look at your Flash site using the old but reliable Lynx browser. This browser goes back to the time when graphics and Flash couldn’t be available on the Internet. Look at your site through this ancient browser. Can you see the content? Can you navigate the site? As you can see Flash technology isn’t developed enough to satisfy everybody.

Let me offer you some solutions which can be helpful fir your website. First of all you shouldn’t forget to add an effective title and description of meta tags. You should do it if you want to attract search engines to your website. Secondly, you should duplicate links in HTML. Thus, search engines will be able to find more than one page on this site. Finally, you need to remove the text content where Flash can be omitted if possible and insert good old HTML format. You can use XHTML and CSS. This method works on all modern browsers IE6+ , Netscape 6+, Mozilla, Opera and so on. I hope you won’t have problems with your Flash website.

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