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Monday, 4 February 2019

Make Money:Become Rich, spend smart

Make Money:Become Rich, spend smart

Become Rich, spend smart

We live in a consumer society where we spend most our shoes to our grandparents for their car. In this chapter we will redirect our spending. Attention, we will not learn how to budget! Nobody makes budget and budgets do not work.
Create a spending plan rather intelligent. The objective here is not to judge your expenses and to prohibit you from doing certain things because they too expensive.
You must become frugal and not stingy. You must decide your expenses and choose the things that interest you. By cons, you should not spend it on things that do not interest you.
The first thing to do is find out a sheet for your everyday spending categories (housing, taxes, power, phone …). Add 15% for those expenses that you forgot.
Now you can subtract the amount determined to deduct your salary and how much you have left for your investments, your savings and spending leisure.
You should spend 15% of your salary to your long-term investments. You must also devote some savings for incidental expenses such as Christmas, wedding or objectives in the longer term as to constitute a contribution to a house.
Optimize your spending plan smart
Adjust your expenses using the 80/20 principle of Pareto: Concentrate on the biggest sources of spending and try to think about how to reduce them. The impact will be much larger than the same percentage to reduce your small expenses.
Reduce your spending today but gradually, otherwise you will not hold over time.
If despite these efforts you can not get away, then you need to make more money. Several options are available: renegotiate your salary, change of job or complete your income with additional work.
Maintain your spending plan
Plan to adjust the amounts in short time. Indeed, at first you’ll realize you’ve forgotten some expenses. For about 2 years so you should adjust your spending plan.
Reinstate the same way in your plan increases your income.
Last, use your spending plan to be firm in your decisions. It will be easier to refuse an output objecting that it is your system that you dictate. You will spend your money and without a guilty conscience.