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Monday, 4 February 2019

How To Create Traffic To Your Online Website To Create Tons Of Cash.

Let me ask you a question? Do you want to get more online visitors then you currently have. You can achieve this to without complicated back flips in keywords and Search Engine Optimization.

How To Create Traffic To Your Online Website To Create Tons Of Cash.

Are your ears open?

The most important new way to getting a great deal of online visitors to your online website…is audio tracks.

Let me explain, what you may not know is that search engines are being oversaturated with article submissions and just like technology it gets outdated on a daily basis. The most current and up and coming search engine optimization method is ID3 tags. This is KEY if you want to monetize your traffic into your website and start making the big cash flow you and your company deserves!

FAQ’S: What are ID3 tags?

Well, you know how when you place a CD inside your CD Rom or if you have a car CD player and you put it in you’ll see the little title of what you’re putting in there flashes across?

That’s an ID3 tag. There’s code created within the actual mp3 file, and also when individuals download digital files onto an iPod.

This allows people to sort their music by title, artist and other criteria.

The ID3 Name tag allows you to enter a more descriptive identify for your audio file. For instance an audio tracks file that has a identify like “my audio.mp3” can be renamed “How I Multi-Million in Advertising.” That’s certainly more descriptive than the file identify!

You are also able to enter the Artist’s Identify and Composer. Both of these will probably contain your name too as the identify of your internet website, email address, and/or telephone number. Mix up the content between these two fields. In my audios, the Artist’s Name field has my name and internet website address and also the Composer field has my identify and my telephone number.

Even though its length is limited to a few sentences, get creative and come up having a summary with the audio that includes key words which will get your audio tracks listed higher in Search Engines when somebody is looking for content material that may be just what your audio contains.

When you have an mp3 file up in your website the search engines start picking it up that info like they do HTML text.Imagine if you’ve twenty or thirty audio tracks recordings on your online website and you’ve got millions of people searching for whatever it is you intend to sell.

By using audio, in addition to your regular internet page content you’ve now, you’ve an additional “layer” of content being picked up by the search engines at the same time and by having those ID3 tags and the keywords within. It’s going to be much easier to conquer your market simply because the sites can’t lookup the actual audio portion.

All they can go by is what’s on the ID3 tags on your files. This may be the strategy I do with my own websites with phenomenal outcomes. And it will work for you, too.

The whole crucial to this is to simply get that audio content material up there in your website with the ID3 tags and then let the search engines do the rest. This is an excellent way to monetize your traffic!

Now that you know all of this on how to make online wealth with ID3 Tags, you should be able to use ID3 as a passive income generator and you should be able to create multiple passive income streams and create wealth online fast.

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