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Monday, 4 February 2019

Earn Money Online-Let Everyone Else Do The Work

Do you feel you are management material and not down on the worker level? If you do then you will enjoy this article on how you can make money online while everybody else does all the work for you.

Earn Money Online-Let Everyone Else Do The Work

In the days of the gold rush the people who made all the money were not the miners, but rather the general store that sold tools. Keeping with that philosophy you can earn money by providing opportunities to people and earning an income off of the efforts that they create money for both of you.

1. Set yourself up as a middleman by starting your own writing company. Market your company on the internet and hirer writers to do all of the article writing for you.

You can make money by paying out 50% to 75% and keeping the balance for yourself. On a $10 article you could expect to make about three dollars for yourself.

That doesn’t sound like a lot but if you had hundred articles a day being written you could earn $75,000 a year promoting your article writing company. That’s more than some people make at their full-time job.

2. Become a traffic broker and promote cost per action offers. You don’t care about what your web visitor does in terms of joining the specific program because your job is to get the lead.

The more leads you get the more money you make. Traffic brokering can lead to incomes of six or seven figures per year if you’re willing to do pay per click advertising to promote them. CPA income is great because you do not have to sell anything to make it.

3. Enroll distributors in a network marketing business and get rich as your downline sells products and sponsors people beneath you. You will need to work to begin with to jumpstart this but after you find a handful of hard workers you can sit back and rake in residual income. It may not be quite that easy but the concept of duplication is a very powerful one.

4. Hirer ghost writers to write articles for you and then do small business marketing to promote your own on the internet business. Most of the hard work is writing the articles anyway.

With the automatic submission services available today you can quickly get your articles out in the public where they can drive traffic back to your websites and blogs.

5. Join two-tier affiliate programs and recruit affiliates to earn sales below you. You earn commissions on every sale they make. Even though you are not making sales directly yourself you can still make money if you recruit hard working affiliates into your direct sales force.

This is several ways you can make money online while others do the work for you.

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