Let’s continue studying of the basic tools necessary for successful Internet marketing. In this article I wish to acquaint you with perhaps most surprising and effective tool for business dealing on the Internet and it is e-mail answering machines.

Use Of “clever Answering Machines” In Online Business.

First of all, let’s be defined by that what e-mail answering machine mean. For certain, this function which is practically in any post program and on any free post service is familiar to much. Having adjusted the post program in appropriate way, you can achieve that on any letter coming to you, the program automatically sends message in advance made by you to the addressee.

Some programs allow to “distinguishing” coming letters according to a theme of entering messages and depending on it to “react” various messages. With this function like all is clear and in today’s article we will not discuss it (though, it does not mean at all that this function of post programs is not worthy).

I wish to talk about so-called “clever answering machines” (“smart auto responder”) it is specialized services which allow carrying out the personified dispatch of a series of electronic letters through certain time intervals. Therefore in the article I will tell about one of the American services which services I actively use Getresponse.com. To begin with we will consider what can do answering machines, and then we will look, as they can be used to “blow up” your business on the Internet.

Functions of answering machines:

Permission marketing: the Internet now is literally overflowed by a spam. Those, from you who regularly use e-mail, well know that this is such. The spam is when on your electronic address letters from unknown persons to you people with various “business” offers, as a rule, the connected possibilities of fast earnings come.

Actually, till now there are no yet accurate criteria for that definition that from mail entering to you to consider as a spam and that is not present. As one of known American experts in marketing has told, “the spam is as pornography, there are no accurate criteria for its definition but when you see a photo at once define that is pornography”. Personally for myself I have defined accurate criterion that for me is a spam and that is not present.

Any letter which comes to me from the stranger and which does not contain my name gets at once to the category of “spam” and is ruthlessly destroyed without any perusal. I know that the large quantity of Internet users also arrives. Therefore hardly it makes sense to be engaged in advancement of your business or a product; I use mass dispatches electronic letters.

Except deterioration of image to yourselves and the company you will not achieve anything. But! Use of “clever answering machines” allows achieving the permission of the addressee to delivery to it of your advertising letters. He sends you inquiry about information reception and that is very important, at any moment you can unsubscribe from messages received from you. It does your business much more harmless and allows dispatching advertising only really interested in reception of the information persons!

There are no big secrets to real online business, the only secret is that the market of online internet business niche is really tough – more and more people are trying to make money on the Internet.

But this is where EVERYTHING is in your own hands. Nowadays we are living in the world where info makes life easier.

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