Of course I can understand how bad you feel now. You are tortured by the necessity of making your choice. You have to make this decision. But to make this decision you should have something in your head. But to your great regret your head is empty. You are completely exhausted and you don’t know what to do. And nobody in the world knows what a theme should be chosen for your website.

Choosing A Theme For Your Site.

In fact many newcomers don’t know what a topic should suit their expectations best of all. The most surprising thing is that the enormous variety of ideas can slow down the selection of a theme for your website. It’s the main obstacle though it might sound rather paradoxically. Newcomers try to create websites on topics which they don’t know at all. In fact these guys have gone insane from my point of view. You’d better take into consideration my recommendations mentioned here below.

First of all you should fix your worthy ideas. Our ancestors thought that words could fly. And I agree with their point of view. No matter what brilliant ideas have visited your mind because it’s nothing yet until they are recorded on a sheet of paper, a handkerchief or even a napkin. Therefore you need a pen and a sheet paper.

Secondly, you should slowly look around. You are to find out what the world can offer you and what you can give it in return. Of course in this case I mean your exchanging information with the entire world. It’s up to you to decide how you can get the world interested. Perhaps the world wants to know more about laptops or about chickens. You should be very attentive and resourceful to find out what kind of information is going to be required very soon.

Thirdly, I have already told you above about the necessity to fix your ideas. So once you’ve determined with what you offer your readers you should dip the pen into ink and write down wise words on a sheet of paper. Now your brilliant ideas have been taken prisoner by this sheet of paper. Do not forget to underline or highlight important words.

It goes without saying that you should think over your abilities to survive in the tough competition. I mean this bloodthirsty information battle on popular topics such as iPhone, Linux, PHP and so on. Perhaps you should put these themes aside. You aren’t so strong to compete with big guys.

And finally you should give up your altruism. Not all sites are equally useful, not all subjects are commercially successful. A particular theme can fail to grab your readers’ attention even if you are interested in it. Thousands of visitors to the site, which is devoted to new quests is nothing to compare with the same 1000, coming to your site to read about notebooks. I hope you’ve understood the difference. Your readers’ interest can result in profits. So you should cycle through themes, choosing the most profitable ones while taking into consideration the strength of your rivals in this field. In fact you should get a list of potential topics at the end of your brainstorm. I hope you’ll succeed with this technique.

Finally you have a decision to make serious money online – congrats. But it’s too early to drink champagne, because now you should know time proven ways to make money online and what strategy will help you.

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