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Monday, 4 February 2019

About The Founder And CEO Of Wealth Creations Network

About the Founder and CEO of Wealth Creations Network

As Founder and Founder of Wealth Creations Network, I developed this zero out of pocket way to creating huge income as a result of the frustrations and challenges I experienced in building a business on the Online and through multi level marketing programs.

About The Founder And CEO Of Wealth Creations Network

I have been successful in every business I started. However, many of the clients I introduced to these opportunities struggled and made very little income. I did not like the fact that I was doing well, yet the majority of the people I introduced to such opportunities failed. It was very uncomfortable for me to make wealth off of the people I introduced to an opportunity. I felt we should be making money together.

I also became frustrated at the up sell techniques of many Online Web companies – always asking you for more and more start up money with the empty promises that the more money you gave, the more start up cost you would make.

I wondered, why isn’t there a firm out there that shares their wealth by providing a large compensation plan and ensures its members are successful by providing free tools, training and strategies? Basically I believe a company should build its wealth with its members rather than makeing wealth off of them. Because of these frustrations and disappointments I decided to pioneer Wealth Creations Network.

My outlook is to provide my members with a no start up cost way to earning money as quickly as possible for the purpose of leveraging a small portion of their money into wealth building vehicles that will produce a massive, passive income in as little as 5 months or less of signing our wealth builders’ club.

My vision includes:

Never asking my members for a minimum start up cost out of their pockets. FREE hands on, dynamic and highly effective training that could streamline any online business.

FREE marketing tools that include a video blog/capture page and auto responder that builds your list of prospects.

Dynamic opportunity to get a silver and possible gold coins each month absolutely free, equally share in company profits each month (currently qualified members earn around $2000 per month profit share) and receive monthly commissions of $720 and more.

Wealth Creations Network is not a business opportunity. We are your wealth builder’s club. Wealth Creations Network provides wealth building and marketing solutions. We work behind the scenes your wealth, while we teach you to get prospects chasing after you and your website – What ever that business may be. All this, with zero out of pocket costs to you!


Selina Brantley, CEO and Founder

Syndicate Success Marketing Entity, LLC (SSME),




Start Earning $120 to $600 Residual Income in One Month!

Receive Silver and Possibly Gold Coins Absolutely FREE – Monthly!

Earn up to $10,000 Per Month Passive Income in as Little as 5 Months or Less!

Now that you know about Wealth Creations Network, you should take some time and look at what Wealth Creations Network has to offer. You should be able to use what we offer as a passive income generator and you should be able to create multiple passive income streams and create wealth online fast using Wealth Creations Network as your primary platform to achieve success.

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